Can you relate??

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As a Muslim British Bangladeshi I am a byproduct of culture; constantly pulled in three very different directions. That of my beautiful religion, the British culture that I have absorbed from my environment and the rich culture of my heritage. All of these are at odds with each other. This blog will be my journey where I discuss all the challenges I face. An earnest account of the struggles many in my position face everyday. I hope it’ll act as a way of keeping the insanity at bay as I explore life and get to know myself.

My Bangladeshi heritage encouraged me too be proud and family orientated, it inspires hard work when you see what you have come from. The people of Bangladesh are strong and have faced hardship. However; quite often I find whilst it is an rich and beautiful culture , it can be stifling. Why?? Because it is a culture in many ways based on the ignorance of a misogynistic society, which is manageable as often this is the case with western culture too. But the issue I take with the challenges of the Bangladeshi culture is it often takes the teachings of my religion out of context and tries to use them against me. That’s the danger of those ignorant being in control. I’ll be frank I struggle with this aspect of who I am, I love the history of the country but so much of the culture and attitude anger me.
As I was born and brought up here in the U.K. this is the culture I in many ways easily identify with. I love that it promotes equality and encourages me to push the boundaries. It’s a culture made up of the melting pot of people that inhabit the country. However, whilst being British definitely has its pros there are downfalls to. As progressive as the western world is in many ways it is still a misogynistic society, it’s just hidden better. We are obsessed with consumerism and live in a dog eat dog world. Also it’s a society that due to my skin colour that I’ll always be on the outside of and frankly don’t always want to be apart of!

Islam although controversial for many, in my opinion is the simplest and happiest way of living your life. It isn’t a culture that has been woven into my fibres over time, but a way of life I have chosen to lead. For me it’s a concept, a part of me that is so sacred and acts as my own therapy. It’s is a beacon of light during what at most times feels life a black hole of pain and suffering. The issues faced by Muslims usually stem from ignorance, deviating from the true teachings  of Islam or fear of the unknown. Islam empowers women and is all encompassing. All that I have stated above that I love about my two cultures is included in Islam. It is a religion of peace and unity, whether your Muslim or not it’s guidelines are beneficial to all. It’s practices are not at odds with either culture because it is a design that has be created to fit in and work for all.
This blog will be very honest, discussing very personal aspect of my life’s and for this reason I shall be keeping it anonymous. It’s a topic I feel many can empathise and relate with. In all honesty I just want to put it down somewhere where it might help me feel a little less alone!